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Your health is important to us


To ensure your body is operating in good health, we recommend you should get annual physical exams. At Brand New Med, we offer a variety of physical exams options to identify potential medical issues early and monitor existing health conditions. Whether you need a well-woman exam, or your child requires a physical for sports participation, Brand New Med can help. We offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with on-site lab work options available.


Weight Management/
Lifestyle Change

If you are trying to get in shape, taking on the weight-loss journey alone may not be the best way to achieve your goals. At Brand New Med in Dallas, Texas, Brand New Med believes in the power of teamwork when it comes to successfully losing weight.

Rehabilitation & Sports

Health Coaching

Are you ready to start focusing on your health, but are not sure where to start? Brand New Med offers health coaching services to help put you on the right track with your diet and nutritional plans. Brand New Med provides empathetic care, putting your needs first and works with you every step of the way to keep you motivated and centered while working towards your health and wellness goals.

Physical Therapy

Personal Training

Not only does Brand New Med offer personal trainer services, but we also spend our free time perfecting our own skill level to help you improve yours. At Brand New Med we offer personal training opportunities to keep you physically active and fit. Our love of fitness matches her passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Rehabilitation & Sports

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