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Our Philosophy


We are all unique. Brand New Med believes in being open, honest, and empathetic to each client to whom we provide care. How do we do that? We see you, we hear you, and support you in living your best healthiest 

We use a different model of providing healthcare.  DIRECT PRIMARY CARE.  With a  membership-based model with no insurance involved, we are able to support our patients and help them reach their health and wellness goals.  

We take the time to listen. We dive into what might prevent you from living your best and healthiest life and work with you to address these issues.  REAL  PREVENTION

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, we move people to achieve their goals and reach their true potential. We’re dedicated to making our clients dream a reality through hard work, dedication, and trust.

Integrative Nutrition Training

With additional certification as an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dr. Southerland has been holistically trained to help clients reach their wellness goals and feel their best through one-on-one support and encouragement in finding the lifestyle practices that work best for your body and your goals .

Hormone Optimization

 Dr. Southerland is trained in the Biote Method of hormone optimization in Downtown Dallas. Hormones are important for regulating most major bodily processes. Even the smallest hormone imbalance ( thyroid, estrogen, or testosterone) can cause health effects throughout the body including the brain, the heart, the bones or reproductive organs. We use science to analyze symptoms and labs to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient.

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To Keep Your Body in Check

Do you ever wonder how you went from wearing a size 6 to a size 10 in what seems like the blink of an eye, but what was really over months or years? By monitoring basic vital signs, a routine doctor’s visit can be like a system of checks and balances for your body.

To Keep Your Mind in Check

Did you know that being a female is an independent risk factor for depression—and that women are more than twice as likely than men to struggle with depression throughout their lifetime? Having a routine mental health screening by your physician can help identify warning signs—before they go from bad to worse.

To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

According to the NIH, 30-40% of Americans report having occasional symptoms of insomnia and 10-15% report chronic difficulty sleeping—with women representing the majority of those affected. Visiting Brand New Med can help identify possible underlying causes for your restless nights—and get you the help you need.

To Get Peace of Mind

When we have health questions and concerns, it’s easy to turn to good ol’ WebMD for answers. And even though the Internet can be a fantastic health resource, reading about your health issues online can often lead to unnecessary worry and fear. Instead of surfing the web for a generic, or even worse, incorrect answer, visit Brand New Med to get the full picture.

For Prevention and Protection

Health protection and prevention is the key to staying healthy for the long haul. Although it may seem like a hassle now, one hour in a doctor’s office now can add years of health to your life.

Individualized and Comprehensive Care

It’s essential to have a trusting relationship with a doctor who knows you and your unique medical history. Brand New Med keeps the big picture in mind by caring for our clients’ immediate medical needs.

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All In
One Care

At Brand New Med, services begin with an assessment of the unique needs of each client: preventative, physical, emotional, and spiritual. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create a customized lifestyle treatment plan of care; our goal is to provide a solution for total health.

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